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Cambodia 2016 Mission

Cambodia is about 96% Buddhist, and only about 2% Christian. A member of the Cross Centered Mission board joined a mission team that arrived in Cambodia in October. The team was composed of 41 Americans, plus 8 persons coming from the surrounding countries of Myanmar, Malaysia, Nepal and the Philippines. We were also joined by 25 national pastors from other areas of Cambodia and about 50 pastors who serve churches in the local Cambodian area. The gospel was presented in schools, business, churches and group gatherings in rural jungle areas. When we asked the Cambodians, “How many of you have ever heard the name of Jesus?” Very few had ever heard His name. We would then start with a series of Bible story pictures beginning with the fall of man in the Garden of Eden, and continue on to the Virgin Birth of Jesus, His miracles, His death and resurrection, His appearance and final instructions to His disciples and ascension into heaven. John would then talk and explain the Ten Commandments and how everyone has violated God’s Law and needed forgiveness in Christ. The entire team saw hundreds baptized and thousands confess Christ. To God be the glory that He allows any of us to be used by Him.


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