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Mexico Mission – Amigo Fiel

Juarez, Mexico is a border town located just south of El Paso, Texas. It is a city that has experienced international notoriety for the drug cartel war that has traumatized it citizens in recent years. During 2010 there were times that the city endured over 300 murders a month. Juarez has had the infamous distinction of being one of the most dangerous cities in the world. (El Paso Times Article – 2010)

Unfortunately, during some of the city’s darkest hours most ministries left to avoid the danger. Amigo Fiel did not. The ministry maintained a Biblical perspective (Matt. 16:25) and believed that there was no greater time for the Christian church to boldly minister to the traumatized people of Juarez. As a result of caring for people in their darkest hour, the ministry is held in high regard by many in Juarez.

For over 20 years friends of Cross Centered Missions have ministered with Amigo Fiel. The trips were either as small groups or as part of a church sponsored mission trip. Evangelism has always been the emphasis of the group with people being provided the true gospel to the war torn city. During the summer of 2012 the group passed out approximately 12,000 Spanish New Testaments in five days. They also engaged in construction, house repair, roofing, painting, feeding/clothing the poor, as well as working with the kids who attend the mission’s after school program.

In 2012 the city has begun to experience a decrease in the crime rate and hopes to return to some form of normalcy. (Washington Post Aug. 20, 2012) Please continue to pray for the people of Juarez and the furtherance of the Gospel in that city.

Feel free to contact Carlos at Amigo Fiel for questions regarding mission trips for your group, or john@CrossCenteredMissions.org.


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