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Our desire is to serve as a clearinghouse of missions focused on meeting the spiritual needs of people by accurately spreading the gospel and as a manifestation of that, meeting physical needs. We plan on doing this by making you aware of mission opportunities as well as making available ministry tools and training to equip you to fulfill the Great Commission.

We believe that Biblically a mission trip is first and foremost the proclamation of the gospel. Unfortunately, this is not the case in many modern churches where a mission trip focuses on construction, social needs or promoting a church denomination. The greatest need of every human is to escape eternal judgment through God’s forgiveness. Instead of warning others how to escape the judgment of hell, many churches have gone to a religious version of “the peace corps.” Without question the church must be feeding the poor, providing shelter or other physical needs, but they are to flow out as a result of true evangelism and are not a substitute for it. For example, say a man shows up at the emergency room nauseated and has pain running down his right arm resulting in a bad tingling in his fingers. The doctor looks at the man’s arm and hand and says, “I see you have a splinter in your index finger!” In hopes of relieving the pain, the doctor begins to clean the splinter location with alcohol and delicately starts to remove it. Just as the splinter is removed, the patient collapses and dies… of a heart attack.

Just as the doctor’s actions would be medical malpractice, we engage in spiritual malpractice when we focus simply on the externals in peoples’ lives and not their eternal problem, a heart condition of dying without Christ’s forgiveness.

Cross Centered Missions is a 501(c)(3) public non-profit corporation. Your contributions to Cross Centered Missions ARE TAX DEDUCTIBLE under section 170 of the Internal Revenue Code.

100% of all donations received will be applied to either missions, missionaries or ministry supplies/training materials and business/administrative expenses. Board members of Cross Centered Missions serve voluntarily and receive no salary.

[Credit card donations have a minimal service fee deduction before it is received by Cross Centered Missions].

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