Bruce Anderson

Cross Centered Missions supports missional, theological, and leadership training among unreached people groups through the work of Bruce Anderson and his teams. Through their work, nationals are trained to be able to teach their own evangelists, pastors, teachers, and missionaries for reaching unreached people groups, especially Muslims. Recent activities include lecturing in seven Ukrainian law schools about ‘Christianity and the Law’, including an appeal to personal salvation in Jesus Christ; training evangelists in a SE Asian country to penetrate new, totally unreached jungle areas with the gospel; and providing study Bibles and training in how to study the Bible for newly formed churches and their leaders in an east African country. Below is some information about Bruce and some sites where he and his colleagues are working. They are delighted to hear reports from their partners about salvations in recent months! Bruce expresses his gratitude for the partnership of Cross Centered Missions!

Rev. Bruce Anderson, Ph.D

Bruce Anderson founded and now directs the EPC’s International Theological Education Network (ITEN). He is also the founder and president of the Institute for Reformation (IFR). He is an ordained Teaching Elder in the Evangelical Presbyterian Church and served EPC churches as a pastor for sixteen years. From 2001-2004, he was Adjunct Instructor for the Regent University Graduate School of Education. He served two three-year terms on the EPC’s World Outreach Committee and also served as Chairman of the Missions Committee of the EPC’s Mid-Atlantic Presbytery. He holds degrees from the University of Iowa (BA, history), Regent University (MDiv, practical theology; MA, public policy), and Oxford Centre for Mission Studies, Oxford, UK/Middlesex University, London (PhD, historical theology). His doctoral thesis is ‘Reformed Political Theology in Early Modern Belarus and Lithuania: Andrzej Wolan’s De libertate (1572)’. He has published several academic articles in Eastern Europe and his thesis is being prepared for publication in both English and Slavic languages. Since the 1990s, he has ministered and taught regularly in Europe, Asia, Africa, and Latin America with his aim to train Christian leaders for service in society and national reformations. He and his wife Ellie have four children, two of which are married, and one grandchild. They live in Suffolk, Virginia.


Pakistan is over 96% Muslim and home to some of Islam’s most radical groups, which control its Western regions. Yet there are thousands of Pakistani evangelicals and hundreds of Pakistani Presbyterian churches.


This 'second most closed country in the world to outsiders' contains diverse ethnic groups in their respective regions. Theravada Buddhism dominates, but missional evangelicals move forward during a time of rapidly changing national conditions.


In this beautiful African country of over 86 million, Islam is growing rapidly. While Protestants and Orthodox believers remain part of the national landscape, persecution and the prosperity gospel threaten to harm its missional ability.


Lovely Spain is proximate to numerous Muslim peoples across its Mediterranean Sea. It offers a peaceful environment for ministry to nationals from various Muslim countries.


Tyumen was the first Russian settlement in Siberia and continues to be the largest city of Tyumen Oblast, Russia. It is located on the Tura River 1550 miles east of Moscow and is home to thousands of Muslim Tatars.


In this country of 15.5 million people, Catholics and Protestants continue to represent the largest percentage of religious adherents. ITEN aims to develop this workforce of believers by helping to train them to reach Muslims.


Belarus has been called 'the last dictatorship of Europe', has Europe's only persecuted church, and is only 1.69% evangelical Christian. It stands in geographic and cultural proximity to vast numbers of Russian-speaking Muslims.


Situated in the tense environment of the Middle East, Lebanon has a mixture of Muslims and Christians. Theological training strengthens believers in their biblical, historical, and practical understanding of how to serve God's mission in such a context.


This band of Islands in Southeast Asia is home to the largest population of Muslims on the planet, presenting the church some of the greatest opportunities in missions today.

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