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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Hello Dear Friends, Supporters and Prayer Partners,

Thank you for praying for my month long trip in the Amazon. God answered prayers and was at work in mighty ways! I am still feeling the side affects of the Chickungunya that brought us back to the states for a medical leave, but I am improving each month! 

I had two main goals on this trip:

First, we had a remote evangelism trip planned and I did not want to cancel it! And secondly, it was to test my health.  My doctor gave me the OK to go as long as I did not push it too hard.  My Health held up about 50% of the time with good days and bad days.  My strength was low, but I am learning to sleep when I can and my good friend John would tell me to go rest, even when I thought I had too much to do, but he was right, some things can wait! It was a blessing to have a Godly man travel with me. I appreciated his wisdom and encouragement in ministry! 

Thanks John Strohman!

God opened up many doors of opportunity and allowed us to preach the Gospel in 18 villages and follow up with many others through Bible teaching and counseling!! As we traveled the river, we stopped by a village that is run by a strong cult group where they worship the cross, not Jesus nor what He did on the cross, but the wooden cross itself!! We stopped by and where meet by the chief of the village with all the villagers behind him. He was holding a Bible in his hands and held it to his chest and said "You are not welcome to teach your false messages here!" I said, "Sir, I see you have a Bible. Can you read?" He answered, "Well, No!" I then asked, "Have you ever heard the Bible read to you?" To which he responded, "No, but we have the cross." We explained, "We preach the cross! But it's not the wooden cross that can save us from our sins, but what was done on the Cross by Jesus Christ!!!" We offered him and his village some audio Bible messengers, but he would not accept them and forbid his people to take them!!! However, the whole village heard the true message of the cross that day! We hold fast to the promise God made, that His word will not return void! And we Praise the Lord for that!

The picture of the man on the left is Chico. I led him to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ a little over a year ago.  He lives 8 days upriver with his canoe and was in town getting supplies and visiting the Doctor. I gave him an audio Bible messenger and he said thank you and left. The next day he was at my door yelling excitedly, "Pastor Pastor, I came because I have listened to two messages already and it talked about how Jesus is the Savior and it said the same thing you told me!!! And now I can hear the Bible even though I can't read and I can gather my family to listen too!" It is such a blessing to see people that have never heard about Christ up until two years ago, receive HIM!!!!! 

There was another man who lives in town who was an "ok guy" but very lost!! His wife has been praying for him for many years and my friend, John said, lets give him an audio messenger and I said, No, he will not want one. And my friend said, "Try!" So I said "ok!" Can any of you relate to when you just don't feel like witnessing again to someone some times? Well, I got a messenger out of my back pack and said "My friend, would like you to have this? It is a radio that has the messages of God on them!" And He took it.  I saw him 3 weeks later when I was back in town. He came running saying, "Pastor! Pastor! I believe! I believe! I listened to the messages about Jesus and I believe!!! I said, "Praise the Lord! I am so happy for you and now you need to come to church and grow!!! The next Sunday I saw him with a truck full of people on their way to church! He is one of only a few people that have a truck in our town and he wanted everyone to hear about his Savior! So he is now using his truck as the church bus!!!!! We Praise the Lord for lives changed and that it is never too late to be saved while we are still living!!!!! 

This is just a few stories of lives changed and you all have had a huge part in these ministry praises in the Amazon! Thank you for your prayers and support! We can not do this alone!

"I thank my God upon every remembrance of you"

I am so unworthy of all your prayers and love you all have showed us and continue to give us! We pray we will be found faithful in preaching the gospel for many more years to come!

Thank you all! And may God be praised!

Jonathan Reed

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