Month: February, 2014

Shortly Guzman CAPTURED!

Saturday, February 22, 2014

“In more than a decade on the run, Guzman transformed himself from a middling Mexican capo into arguably the most powerful drug trafficker in the world. His fortune has grown to more than $1 billion, according to Forbes magazine, which listed him among the "World's Most Powerful People" and ranked him above the presidents of France and Venezuela.

His Sinaloa Cartel grew bloodier and more powerful, taking over much of the lucrative trafficking routes along the U.S. border, including such prized cities as Tijuana and Ciudad Juarez. Guzman's play for power against local cartels caused a bloodbath in Tijuana and made Juarez one of the deadliest cities in the world. “

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Update #3 - Men's Mexico Mission Trip

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Finishing out the last couple days of the mission trip, the Lord blessed the men with an opportunities to hand out another 3,500 Spanish New Testaments and bookmark gospel tracts at different locations in Juarez. The men were able to good progress with their work projects, constructing the walls for an addition to a home and repairs on another roof. The men also had the opportunity to minister to the church of Amigo Fiel, helping prepare and serve them a meal after their worship service. Afterwards, they joined a group to help with an Operation Christmas Child distribution at a small orphanage in the city, spending time with the children and helping hand out shoeboxes filled with gifts along with some food. Please pray for these orphans that they will come to know and understand that Jesus Christ is their Lord and Savior, and that God is the Father to the fatherless. Also pray for people who received New Testaments and for all the people in Juarez and throughout Mexico that they would hear and believe the gospel of Jesus Christ. Thank you for your prayers.

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Update #2 - Men's Mexico Mission Trip

Friday, February 7, 2014
The Lord again blessed the men's mission with opportunities to distribute around 1,500 Spanish New Testaments and gospel tracts at various locations in the city. They also had the opportunity to spend time with the children of the ministry, serving them a meal, sharing a story and the gospel with them, and spend time doing a craft, decorating a cross, with the children to take home. In addition, the men were able to continue to make progress with their building and repair projects. Please continue to pray that the Lord will continue to use the men to reach out to the people and that those receiving and hearing the gospel will have open ears and hearts, and that the Holy Spirit will begin to work in their hearts and lives.
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Update: Men's Mexico Mission Trip

Thursday, February 6, 2014
As this point, the Lord has blessed the men's group with opportunities to distribute many bibles to people throughout the city; approximately 2,000 people were able to receive a copy of the Spanish New Testament along with a bookmark explaining the gospel.

In addition, the men had the opportunity to begin work on a couple homes; doing some roof repair and beginning construction of a addition for sleeping quarters. Also, a praise and thanks that God had provided those with skills to do these projects and handle issues that may arise, not only those within the traveling group but also those whom they work with from the ministry.

Please be praying that the Lord would open the eyes, minds, and hearts of those who received Spanish New Testaments and bookmark gospel tracts and that they would come to a saving knowledge of the Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, and that they would share the gospel with their family and friends.

Also, be praying for more opportunities to spread God's word and minister to the people who have not heard the true gospel of Jesus Christ.
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